Free Paypal Money | 12 legitimate ways to get it in 2021

free paypal money

So you want free paypal money?

Let me explode the bubble and be very straight forward!

There is no such thing as TOTALLY free money from PayPal. In fact, nothing can get you free money online.

If you want to make money you have to do something!

There are a lot of websites which can pay you in your PayPal account by just doing small tasks such as completing a survey, watching a video, playing online games etc.

And today, I am gonna share which website offers what kind of jobs, tips from my experience, and how much you’re going to make from these sites.

Dislaimer: Most of the sites mentioned below can never make you rich or can even replace your day job! They can only give you few extra dollars every month.

I’ve also added a bonus read for you at the end of explaining the websites.

Free Paypal money (10 websites to get it from)

Here are 10 websites you can join to get free paypal money,

Survey Junkie

is survey junkie legit and safe

Tasks To Do: Surveys

How You Get Paid: PayPal

Minimum Cash out: 10,000 Reward Points ($10)

Completing surveys is the closest to making free money and getting it transferred to your PayPal account.

As I said, it’s one of the tasks which requires NO skills! Just a PC or a mobile phone with an Internet connection.

There are many websites which offer you to complete surveys and Survey Junkie is one of the top rated in this domain.

Lemme walk you through the purpose of surveys these websites ask you to complete.

Surveys are a kind of consumer reports related to a product category or a service offered by a company.

Such companies want to know the opinion of people who’re demographically close to their ideal consumers.

So, if you’re falling under the criteria, you can make a good amount of $$ by completing surveys.

For Survey Junkie, signup is easy. You will be asked to answer some questions as per your demographic information. Some of your answers may lead you to another related question and so on.

All in all, when you’re all set up and good to take surveys, the next step is to look at how many reward points you’ll make.

Yes, you’ll get reward points against each completed survey and these points are worth somewhat $0.01 per reward point.

To cash out your earned money into your PayPal account, your need to cross 10000 points (that is $10 equivalent).

Once you’ve finally decided to make PayPal money from surveys, you might need to think of a strategy to earn maximum.

Although, the required efforts are very slight, your time matters the most.

So, for that, I’ve tested different survey websites and completed surveys of a variety of kinds.

Key Points to Know: (In this section of each method, I am normally sharing what strategy you should adopt to maximize your earning from this platform. Also, what you may need to avoid doing etc.)

  • Try to find surveys which pay max reward points while need the least amount of time for completion.
  • Learn to fill information related to demographics correctly. Websites pay maximum for the surveys completed by people who’re closest to their consumers’ bio. If you’re a good fit, you’ll be earning the most from your surveys.
  • Add different websites in your list to get online surveys that are paying the most.
  • Turn on notification on your mobile whenever a new survey gets published on any website.

Join Survey Junkie Now!

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2. Swagbucks

make money on Swagbucks

Tasks To Do: Multiple tasks (I’ve listed few in this section)

How You Get Paid: PayPal, Gift cards

Minimum Cash out: Apparently no minimum while most gift cards are worth 300 SBs. (Swagbucks)

Swagbucks is by far the most visited coupon websites in 2019 to 2020.

If you’re looking for easy PayPal money, it offers many simple tasks and i am listing a few of those tasks here:

  • You can take different surveys
  • Watching Videos
  • Web search
  • Online shopping through Swagbucks portal
  • Playing online games

These are very few from the whole lists of tasks available on Swagbucks- but usually the most common and easily manageable.

Once you’ve made Swagbucks worth $5, you can easily redeem the money into your PayPal account.

If you’re wondering how much you can make or either you should start making full time money through Swagbucks or keep it a side hustle, I’ll recommend not to think that way.

Here is why i am saying so:

I personally tried to leverage making good money from this site but ended up investing way more time while the money wasn’t much.

So, I’ll suggest keeping on with whatever way you’re using to earn your daily income and spend time on this site which otherwise would have been idle.

Key Points to Know: Even if you’ve decided not to make it your full-time money-making choice, you may trap yourself in spending way more time than usual if you’re newbie.

This way, the money you might be earning might not be worth it. That might also not be in your control, however you don’t need to worry as it has an easy solution.

Once you start, try to stay more strategic to do tasks which pay more in less time and keep on optimizing your time on site.

The site also helps you to manage your work efficiently as you can check your milestone for a month or so. Keep on achieving these and you’ll be onto the next stage which is cash out. (everyone’s most favorite)

Your cash out can take up to 10 days once you redeem the money into your PayPal.

Join Swagbucks Now!

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3. Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars

Tasks To Do: Surveys, Online Games, Watching Videos, Web Search etc.

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Gift Cards, Paper Cheque

Minimum Cash out: $30

Dollar is in the name of this website and that’s also what you’re gonna get for free into your PayPal account when you’ve just joined this site.

It offers a $5 signup reward.

Well…! Once again, there are different tasks you need to complete.

So, what’s making this website any different from others?

Let’s keep on reading to know more.

There is one company which runs Inbox Dollars as well as Swagbucks. Probably that’s why these sites offer almost the same kind of tasks to complete.

Talking about the main difference between the two, Inbox Dollars is simple and easy to use while Swagbucks goes into the details and offers a wider range of managing your activities on the site.

Also, you can look at the actual money -in dollars instead of points- you’re making when you’re working on Inbox Dollars.

Key Points to Know: This site pays in the form of virtual scratch cards when your complete tasks other than taking surveys. These cards usually hold very low value. So, taking surveys and optimizing your time accordingly can be your best bet.

This site has another small issue which shouldn’t be ignored. It deactivates your account if you’ve missed logging in to your account for about 10 days. Now, that can be critical, and you need to be a bit more active to keep your account running.

Lastly, the cash out for this website can take up to 16 days which is slightly more than Swagbucks.

Join Inbox Dollars Now!

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4. Ibotta

Tasks To Do: Get Paid To Shop

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Gift Cards

Minimum Cash out: $20

If you read the name of the site repeatedly, you may sound like saying “I’ve bought a”.

And that’s what you need to do to make money for your PayPal account. (Our today’s aim is to feed PayPal with as much dollars as we can)

All you got to do, is to do your grocery shopping, submit the receipt by uploading it’s snap on the app and get cash back on confirmed offers.

You can also get rid of uploading the receipt by just adding your grocery card.

However, this app has made online shopping a bit more interesting as by dividing the tasks into four types.

Let’s explore each a bit here:

  • Upload Receipt: Check various offers on different items listed on ibotta, by those from your retailer and get money by uploading receipt.
  • Online Shopping: Shop through the app and you don’t even need to upload your purchase receipt. That works best for the most.
  • Add Your Loyalty Accounts/Cards: If you have any grocery card, -which you’ve obtained from any loyalty program- you can connect that with your ibotta app and get double benefit. Enjoy earning your ibotta points as well as your loyalty points at the same time.
  • Attach your debit/credit card to pay from Ibotta: This is also another auto reward earning option from the app. Simply add your credit or debit card and pay thought ibotta for your online shopping. You’ll earn a reward on each purchase this way.

Key Points to Know:

  • This site offers up to $20 signup bonus
  • You’ll earn better if you’ll be using in-app offers. So, while you’re on this app, try shopping that way for maximum benefit.
  • You can earn “teamwork bonuses” by linking your Facebook account with the app
  • Must use the option to add loyalty cards as it gives you an income stream from two sources at the same time.
  • You should always check if the “any” item offer is -on- on the app. This way, you’ll be earning even if you just need to buy bread and eggs for your breakfast.
  • You shouldn’t be preferring to get gift cards when you can redeem your points for PayPal cash. Everyone loves cash, so you must be the one as well.

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5. Rakuten


Tasks To Do: Cash-Back on Online Shopping

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Paper Cheque

Minimum Cash out: $5.01

This isn’t just another cash-back on shopping website, but it’s rated as the top in this category.  It offers huge cash back percentage (up to 40% of the amount you’ve made a purchase)

You can earn big cash and it’s not a SCAM.

What’s better in it when you’ve already signed up for ibotta?

It’s more efficient to use as you don’t need to take care of any kind of purchase receipts.

For this app, there are two ways:

  • Shop online through their portal and earn points. Later, as always you can redeem the money into your PayPal account.
  • Don’t want to get into the hassle of checking Rakuten each time you’re about to shop! You can download and install their extension in your browser. This will keep your auto tracking on when you’ll be shopping online. You’ll hardly skip any opportunity to earn cash back this way.

Key Points to Know: This app works as an online storage for different kinds of coupons. So, if you’ll get your hands onto some auto-coupon-tracking websites/extensions, you can manage to save a lot of coupons.

Also, try to keep on checking for various offers by Rakuten so you might not miss anything special such as double cash back or important coupons.

A little caution here is, if you want to get your money in a short time, Rakuten might not be the best in this case. It offers PayPal deposit after a quarter when you redeem your points. It means, you need to wait for three months for payout.

6. PrizeRebel

Tasks To Do: Surveys, Watching Videos, Playing Games, Small Tasks, Third Party Signups

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Gift Cards (Amazon, Walmart, Google Play, Apple/iTunes)

Minimum Cash out: $2

Yet another survey completion website but with a little twist.

It simply keeps your engagement level better than other survey sites. This is due to different levels PrizeRebel has for its users.

So, it’s more like a game where you’ll unintentionally keep on progressing to get to the next level.

What’s more interesting here:

With every new level you reach, you’ll be getting better reward which simply means more PayPal money in less time.

Let’s look at the levels:

  1. Bronze
  2. Silver
  3. Gold
  4. Platinum
  5. Diamond

With that increased motivation, you can even earn more by referring others to join the website. This site’s referral system is also way better than all the other sites.

You can make as high as 30% of your referral’s money. And that commission is gonna last if the people you’ve referred will keep on working on the website.

Key Points to Know:

No such explanations are required here as you can simply guess below points:

  • Completing the levels and going higher will give more money. So, you should target “gold” at least to make good use of your time.
  • “Daily goals” can earn you extra points so don’t miss them.
  • Try to get most out of its referral program as its lucrative once you’ve made a bunch of friends join this website.
  • Level system also gives benefits to redeem your money quickly. Let’s say you’re a GOLD user, you’ll get money into your PayPal account in as little as 10 minutes while other users who are on lower level might need to wait up to 24 hours.

7. Dosh

Tasks To Do: Cash-Back on Online Shopping

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Direct Bank Deposit, Charity

Minimum Cash out: $25

With this app, you’ll be getting money by doing nothing more than your usual shopping.

YES! No kind of extra effort.

It’s the coolest cash-back app as it completely runs in the background. You must attach your debit or credit card only and continue shopping at your favorite stores and restaurants etc.

Dosh will detect if the store, you’re visiting, is one of their listed retailers. If so, the app will automatically track your shopping and send you a cash back.

The reward (cashback) can be up to 10% which is a great deal in fact.

Along with usual cash out options, Dosh also offers you to do charity with your funds.

Key Points to Know: 

If your credit or debit card already has any kind of cashback reward, you’ll be making two times money by adding this app in your shopping spree.

8. My Points

Tasks To Do: Playing Game, Watching Videos, Using Coupons, Third Party Sign Up, Cashback on Shopping

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Gift Cards

Minimum Cash out: $5

This app has somewhat similar history as Swagbucks as it started as a survey site and expanded to multiple small tasks.

These tasks -as usual- don’t require much effort and you can use your free time to make some extra bucks.

What’s unique in case of My Points as tasks are the same as other sites/apps!!!

You can set up your own monthly target of reward points. Either manage your time on app by completing your target or go with the option to complete five activities daily.

Both options are there to make money which you can redeem into your PayPal account easily.

Key Points to Know:

The reward you’re gonna make with My Points isn’t that much to invest your routine time. So, as always, only spend your idle minutes.

Secondly, the list of activities may attract you to get involved in most of these. But as per my personal experience, you should only look for the ones which can give you more points in a shorter duration.

If you’ll be able to make a total purchase worth $20 within your first month from a listed merchant of My Points, you can earn an extra $10 amazon gift card.

9. Pinecone Research

Tasks To Do: Surveys

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Cheque

Minimum Cash out: No minimum

Another unique kind of website which offers you to complete surveys.

Pinecone is a pure research-based company which unlike all other websites, puts more focus on surveys and user review of the products.

As the companies linked to this website want to get legit reviews, they even send their products to users through this website.

If you’ll get a product from Pinecone, you’ll be required to complete a survey after using the product for a specific number of days.

The company -who’s product you’ll be using- may also ask you to keep the product after you’ve used it for the survey which simply means free products.

While there is a downside of this website is as well.

Key Points to Know:

You can’t sign up for Pinecone research whenever you want to. This site accepts new users only when it’s open for new registration.

So, keep on checking the ads to grab the opportunity as the effort is worth it.

More importantly, its surveys pay better than other websites on average. (normally $3 equivalent reward points per survey)

10. User Testing

Tasks To Do: Website, App or Software Testing

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit,

Minimum Cash out: No minimum

If you like to test the stuff quite often and are good with in depth details, there are companies which are looking for you.

They either have a website, an app or a designed software which they want to get tested by actual people.

Although this method requires more effort as compared to what I’ve shared till now, it also pays better than all the other websites.

To serve the purpose, usertesting is a website which is linked with a lot of companies.

You just login to the website and share your verbal feedback with the company about their product’s usability or user-friendliness etc.

Key Points to Know:

  • You English speaking skills must be of great quality to earn max money.
  • If you’re from a relatively more populated area of the US, you’ll likely be getting more product testing opportunities.
  • Being a techie is also a clear edge.

11. Rover

Tasks To Do: Pet Sitting

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit, Cheque

Minimum Cash out: No minimum as you get to decide your fee

If you love walking pets, especially dogs, you can do that for some extra cash.

It’s more like a pet sitting part time job.

But I’ve added this job to my list because that’s not at all like a traditional job while you can make PayPal money in a fun way.

Rover is a website where people post such jobs and you can find dog sitting opportunities in your area by browsing through that website.

What’s more here, it pays a very handsome amount. (Probably better than most of the methods we’ve discussed today.

It’s all on you to plan the money you want to earn. You can adjust your fee to win a client and work as per your convenience.

The list of exact services which you can provide is somewhat as:

  • Dog grooming
  • Pet Daycare
  • Walking dogs
  • Drop in visit at your client’s place
  • Pet boarding at your own or client’s home
  • Dog grooming

Key Points to Know:

Just like uber, you’ll get a rating against the quality of services you’re offering. If you can manage to keep your ratings positive, you’ll have higher chances to land a good client.

Another way is to get clients through word-of-mouth. Your clients will refer you to other clients depending on the quality of your services. So, be good to them to win more money for your PayPal account.

12. Receipt HOG

Tasks To Do: Cash-Back on Shopping

How You Get Paid: PayPal Deposit,

Minimum Cash out: $5

Once again, it’s another great app which pays you cash back once you submit your receipts on the app.

You have to take photos of your receipts through the app and may need to answer a few questions about your shopping.

Key Points to Know:

Here the question might be, why I’ve added another website while we’ve already discussed multiple websites and apps which offer the same kind of tasks.

Simply putting:

  • It’s easy to do.
  • You can even triple dip your “get paid to shop” kinda earning by working on two to three (or even more than that) websites at the same time. If you’re making cash back points through Ibotta, why not earn more by adding points from Receipt Hog and a couple of others.

Wrapping It Up: Setup You Action Plan

As you’ve gone through all the methods which can make your free PayPal money, (PayPal money with minimal efforts) it’s time to set up an action plan to start making money right away.

I normally suggest newbies, to close the deal by extracting all the actionable from any guide or article they read and start executing what they’ve learnt.

Now it’s your turn. List all the tasks and their relevant websites. Start testing doing the same category of tasks on different websites and look at which site takes the least amount of your time.

That way selects specific sites for selective tasks and make your final working plan.

For example, you may select surveys from Pinecone Research and Swagbucks while can do website testing through Usertesting and so on.

Once you’ve started working to make money, must share your feedback.

I’d also love to know if you can tell any other way to make free money for your PayPal deposit.

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