Overcoming The Money Obstacle In Your Career Progression

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) recently released the median wage for US workers in the second quarter of 2022 at around $54,132 per year. Of course, salaries vary greatly, depending on your industry sector and location. Unfortunately, current inflation rates make it tough for professionals to overcome money-related challenges in their careers. Unlocking your full earning potential is no easy task as there are many restrictions and obstacles along the way. As a result, you might find that your wages have been locked in place for several years and fail to adjust to inflation needs. What can you do to make it work?

Align interests with where the money is

It is realistic to assume that the core purpose of a career is to earn a living. So, it would make sense to assume that the higher you move in your career, the higher the financial package will be. However, a money-making career could become a source of problems and end abruptly when your personal interests don’t align with your current tasks. The idea that you can pursue a career that doesn’t interest you can damage your mental health and productivity. Gradually, you could put yourself at risk if your results do not meet expectations. 

Progressing your career requires hard work. Investing your time and effort into something that doesn’t motivate you will inevitably backfire, monetarily and emotionally. 

Be willing to invest in yourself

Whether you feel your career is in a rut or your communication fails to convince the business, it is worth reaching out to a coach who can help you. Working with a personal career coach can be a game-changer, offering guidance, leadership best practices, and tips to move further along your professional path. It is worth mentioning that career coaches are experts who provide premium 1:1 services. While you may need to look for financing options, such as borrowing at the best loan interest rates for your credit score, a coach can help attract financially attractive career offers. 

Boost your profile with certifications

You’d be surprised to know that something as simple as showing a professional certificate could add thousands to your wages, even if you can demonstrate the skills in practice. Online courses can be a useful and cost-effective tool to tick education and certification requirements. As time and location are flexible, online classes are best suited to professionals who seek career change or career progression.

Turn social media into a career superboost

Recruiters always check your social media profiles. But you can also reverse the roles and create posts that grab your audience’s attention, whether recruiters or future employers. Social media platforms such as Tiktok are supercharging the employment market. Employees use it to remix existing video and audio into their content and showcase the business culture and achievements. They can reach a broad audience with relevant hashtags that let them share their experience and knowledge. Can viral social media content propel your career forward? Absolutely. You can raise attention, stick on someone’s radar, and demonstrate your expertise with videos under 60 seconds. It would be silly not to give it a go. 

I want to make more money in my career, but I feel stuck. 

If this sounds like you, chances are you are not approaching the issue from the right angle. In 2022, negotiating with your employer tends to fail. Instead, question your interests, invest in yourself and your education, and maximize social media creativity for business.

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