Under the table jobs 2022 (10 legitimate options)

under the table jobs

Are you looking for under the table jobs? Are you looking for jobs that pay under the table?

You have just arrived at the right place!

When I had my first 9 to 5 job, I could buy any game, I wanted to play without being worried about the cash.

My job was making me a good chunk of money.

But those days couldn’t last longer as I started getting out of cash at the end of month. The lack of money was increasing each month.

I was getting worried about WHY it was happening.

I was spending more than I was earning. That’s when I decided to look for some ways to make a bit more money than usual.

So, the struggle started, and I sat on my laptop to hunt for different ways to make money.

One of the categories was “under the table jobs” which people were doing as their side hustles to make some extra bucks.

I had explored all the ways and listed them to check what I could manage to do along with my 9 to 5 job.

Within a couple of months, I started making extra money. At that time, money was my biggest motivation to move on and try out new ways to make more.

Today, i am gonna share some of the best ways i tried and made money out of those. I’ll also share a bit of my experience about how I worked to test different ways.

But before we explore the best jobs under the table, it’s important to know about the term a bit more as if it’s OKAY to do these jobs and if you need any degree to be qualified?

Let’s explore:

What You Should Know About “Under The Table Jobs”?

Are these jobs legal?

The term “under the table” may give you an impression that these jobs aren’t legal or at least not OKAY to do so.

It’s obvious that you might be worried about any unforeseen trouble you can catch.

But in fact, there is no need to get worried as these aren’t illegal unless you do something which is against your state’s law.

So, you should focus on what you love to do and earn quick cash.

How do you get paid?

You’ll mostly be earning cash while some might pay you in your back account or in the form of monthly cheque etc.

These jobs aren’t usually reported to the government. But I’d recommend getting your cash flow reported even if you’re doing one of these jobs.

One of the best things which attracts the most is that you’ll get paid as soon as you will complete your assigned tasks. You can also sign a contract for a monthly pay type system.

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Do you need to pay taxes?

I would say, always keep track of your cash flow as it will help you up-scale your earning.

that way, you can easily check where you’re spending the most.

Also fill your tax return with your such jobs related info.

Best Under The Table Jobs to do in 2020

Here are some of the best under the table jobs you can go for in 2020,

1. Become A Photographer


Some people tend to take a lot of photos while they don’t make money out of it. While they can easily make quick bucks from their photography skills.

If you’re also taking photos as a hobby, you can even start making money from it and I’ll share how you can do that.

If you’ll ask me why people are willing to pay for your photos. To be fair, they might not be interested in your personal photos while if you often like to click different landscapes, pets, flowers or natural scenery it can be a perfect catch.

You can also cover small events where such as birthdays people in your town need a photographer but can’t afford a professional for that job. That’s an offline opportunity.

So, you’ve got both ways online and offline to make money from photography.

When it’s online, you can simply signup for Shutterstock or Pixabay. Next, upload photos you’ve already taken or click new ones to upload on these websites.

Once your photos get approved, those photos would be available for people to purchase. Normally each photo costs $1 and you get 33% of that per sale. This is very less but if you have huge number of photos, can you get a lot of downloads everyday, the money can add up to a decent amount.

If you are really serious about starting photography as a side hustle, check this video,

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And by the way if you have just lost your job or you are for side hustles, check out this awesome resource by The Simple Dollar that covers 11 side hustles.

2. Cleaning Jobs


No one likes a messed up or dirty room. Most of these people also don’t like to clean up their mess on their own.

They’ll either go for hiring professional cleaners or simply look for paying someone under the table to clean their homes.

So, if you’re up for racking up some cash and have the required motivation to do the cleaning job, you can find these kinda work from multiple online platforms such as craigslist or even Facebook etc.

And, you don’t even need hard core cleaning skills to get the job done.

You can also find such opportunities in your local town through word of mouth.

You’ll likely be getting paid more if the client wants you to bring your own cleaning tools such as vacuum cleaners and cleaning supplies etc.

Above all, it can turn out to be a source of a regular income stream if you tend to set up a weekly payment schedule with your client.

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3. Pet Care Jobs

dog walking

Nowadays, everyone loves to play with their pets and take care of them as a family.

If you also love pets and consider taking care of them as your hobby, why not make some cash by hustling about it.

A lot of people in your society might have pets and most probably be looking for some pet sitting persons.

So, you can cash out such opportunities by taking care of their pets.

You can also find such jobs online and that will still fall in the category of under the table jobs.

How’ll you get paid?

It’s mostly cash or direct transfer in your account if you can manage to deal with the pet owners for bimonthly or even monthly payments.

It’s also the easiest job, as you don’t need to be certified and can start working whenever you want to.

One thing you must consider is developing and maintaining your repute to get high paying clients. Your client’s feedback matters in this case the most and it’s your trusted voice to get your next pet care job quickly.

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4. Get Paid to Watch Videos

This is probably one of the easiest jobs in our today’s list as all you have to do is to watch videos online. These can be videos such as movie reviews or celebrity clips etc.

If you’re already spending hours on YouTube or Facebook to kill your free time in an entertaining way, then you should consider watching videos from websites such as Swagbucks or Survey Junkie and get paid under the table.

If it gets boring to keep on watching such videos for hours and hours, you can even run them in the background. Just minimize the video tab and keep up with your other activities online.

But, if there’s a review to fill, you may need to completely watch to share your unbiased opinion.

Most of the companies who’re looking forward to increasing their brands repute and want better exposure to upload their videos on certain video watching websites. They pay these websites which in return pay to the people who actually watch the videos.

One thing to keep in mind is, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. You should simply act as to get paid for your free time.

Finally, you can cash out your earned money through PayPal.

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5. Become a Tutor/Personal Trainer: Online & Offline Job

Another fun way to get handsome and quick money under the table is to become a tutor. You can either work online or offline as per your convenience.

This job usually pays well enough to pay your bills in a respectful way. most of the online tutors are making around $650 every month.

What can you teach?

You can go with any subject you’re good at such as literature, science, history, math etc.

If you’re specifically fluent in English and can manage to spare an hour in a day, you should consider looking at VIPKID.

This is a website with over 30,000 people who teach English to Chinese kids mostly.

To qualify as a tutor on VIPKID, you need some experience and any bachelor’s degree.

You can also be a personal trainer to teach other skills such as art, writing, music or literally anything you’re good at. Once again, no specific qualifications required while a relevant certificate and experience will give you an edge.

You’ll be getting paid a premium cash amount if your skill if you can train others exceptionally well.

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6. Freelancing Jobs

Freelance writing

Freelancing is by far my most favorite job when someone asks me to share the best under the table jobs.


There are two reasons.

  1. You can work as a freelancer if you have any kind of soft skill such as content writing, SEO, graphic designing, digital marketing, website and app development, data management and list go on and on. If you want to explore all the skills which can make you money, you can visit Freelancer.com, Upwork, Fiverr or simply run a quick search on google.
  2. There is NO LIMIT to earning. You can earn a lot -depending on your skill set and experience.

There are tons of freelancing websites where you can list your services. you’re also allowed to set your services charges.

Expert freelancers list their services for thousands of dollars.

Freelancing is also not limited to freelancing websites. You can get direct clients from social media websites. And if you have strong marketing skills, you can set up your portfolio website and outreach to potential clients.

Let’s explore some common freelancing jobs.

Work As A Freelance Writer/Editor:

You can work your way off to make good money by writing. it can be possible that you’re an unknown writer but haven’t discovered your skill yet.

I was one of the persons, who accidentally got into freelance writing. It was one of my blogger friends who asked me to write for his blog.

So, i wrote my first article on his blog which was around 6000 words. I am still using that blog post to showcase my work to potential clients.

You can also head towards freelance writing and kick start your money-making journey. but make sure to work on your sample write-ups as you’ll mostly be hired based on the work you’ve done.

Craigslist and Upwork are among the best places where you can find writing jobs while you can also get them from social media.

With the passage of time, you’ll gain experience and might target working as a full-time writer. This field is vast which can make you a content strategist.

Some of my friends who started their career as a freelance writer are running their content writing agencies these days and making millions of dollars.

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Work As A Graphic or Web Designer:

If you’re more of an artist as compared to a writer, you can pitch in the field of freelancing as a graphic designer.

Graphics designing is also one of the best skills sets which can help you earn a lot from freelancing.

In the digital space, a lot of individuals and companies are always looking for graphic designers to help with their business advertising and branded designs.

Considering that you’re searching for under the table opportunities and preferably want to get paid in cash, it’s recommended to look for your potential clients on either Facebook or Craigslist.

You can also go with the freelancing website as an option, but those marketplaces have high competition.

So, if you’re anyway looking to build a career in this line, then you can work on improving your skill set to a professional level and market your services on as many platforms as you can.

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7. Babysitting Jobs

make money babysitting

If you love taking care of kids and can spend hours playing with them, you’re going to find babysitting as the best under the table job for you.

You can earn from $10 to $25 an hour which -in some cases- is better pay as compared to traditional jobs.

As long as people are becoming parents, (which is obviously never gonna stop, lol) you can find babysitting jobs.

To find these jobs, one way is looking online on Care.com or Facebook.

In case you don’t get lucky to land any job online, you can also contact your family and friends to refer you for such opportunities.

You’ll mostly be paid quick cash and that’s one of the best bets of this job.

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8. Online Survey Completion Jobs

There are websites such as SwagBucks.com that pay you for your opinion and reviews. You can simply sign in and look for a “survey” category from the website.

Taking online surveys -is one of the under the table jobs- which can get you some paypal money.

I have been making quick cash by taking online surveys during my online time. When I got onto this task, I was curious about why a website is paying me for just completing the surveys.

So, I did the research and explored that these websites were linked with different companies. Those companies were looking to get opinions from their customers about their products and services.

As I was living in a potential target area of these companies, I was able to qualify for most of the paid surveys which were adding around $3 in my PayPal account.

You’ll also get a quick sign up reward from most of the survey websites.

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9. Odd Jobs

There can be multiple off-line jobs in your area looking for simple repair work a handyman can do.

If you have a good set of tools which can help you repair simple household appliances, you can work under the table to earn money as a handyman.

You might not always need to be a repair person as the work can be simple as moving a furniture item within a house.

The list of some major odd jobs can look somewhat as:

  • Cleaning
  • Delivery
  • Maintenance
  • Plumbing
  • Home Improvements

These jobs normally require a simple skill set and you can find clients who aren’t able to afford professionals for such works.

You can either talk to your friends and family to look for people who need your services or an OLD SCHOOL approach is to print your services flyer and paste in your neighborhood.

You can also dig online places such as Facebook local groups or TaskRabbit. This website works as UBER for odd jobs and helps you match with your nearby clients quickly.

Labor Works:

Manual labor works are also part of odd jobs which pay direct cash.

No need for any skills here while a healthy body can help you do the job well. You can quickly hunt labor related jobs on craigslist.

You can get paid everyday once you’ve finished your work as painting, wood cutting or moving the stuff which your client asks for.

You can find multiple opportunities on craigslist while can also explore the local neighborhood.

Although it’s a bit demanding work, you can walk home with cash in your hand at the end of the day.

Be A Driver:

If you own a vehicle and know to drive, you can either sign up for driving apps such as Uber or simply work as a local driver.

Even if you don’t have your own car but you’re good with driving other people, you can find a job as a driver that pays well.

People often need a driver for their kids or the ones who can’t drive due to other reasons.

You can also drive to deliver household items for your clients. Individuals who can’t leave their workplace for eating, often need the services of a driver.

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10. Fitness Coach or Yoga Instructor Jobs

Just like a personal trainer for several skills, if you’re fit and know the drill to train motivated people to get fit, you can work as a fitness coach.

If you’re not working as a coach for some company, instead hunting individuals on your own, it becomes a well suited under the table job.

You can find such jobs online and don’t even need a professional’s website. Just hop on to Instagram and showcase your fitness and abilities to train through pictures and videos.

You’ll be bringing a lot of attention for your ideal clients who’ll be asking for a session on skype or hangout from you.

Yoga instructor is also one of the jobs categories which fall in the domain of fitness and lifestyle improvements.

If you’re one with such expertise, you can earn serious money.

Now if you’re wondering about how to hunt for clients?

It’s more about self-promotion and skill set marketing. You can engage with the right audience through Facebook and Instagram.

Once you’re consistent to update your activities on these platforms and help your audience, you’ll be able to find paid clients.

Next is to discuss your fee negotiation and start earning under the table.

How to find Under the Table Jobs

Finding under the table jobs isn’t any challenging activity.

It’s even easier than doing these jobs.

You can land a job quickly as normally there isn’t any need of a particular degree. While some certifications and your experience can help you earn more money.

Further it depends on which job you’ve selected from the list. I’ve also briefly explained the resources in each job category in the previous section, but let’s explore the most important ways for better understanding.


If not everything on earth, you can find anything you can think of on craigslist.

But to hunt under the table job categories, you can head over to the gigs section.

You’ll be amazed to look at the opportunities which pay cash for the kind of jobs. (I’ve mentioned in this article)

Explore that list to find your fit and pitch to your perfect client.

One of my friends is making more than $600 monthly from just one client. You can be the next to earn almost the same amount if you’ll put in a little effort to look for the genuine offer.

Let’s head to the next option in our today’s list:


Facebook is one of the fastest growing online communities which connects people locally better than any other social media platform.

There are groups of people related to anything you can think of. No matter what you’re interested in, you’ll be able to find a local group of relevant people on Facebook.

Simply join the groups which are related to your preferred under the table job category. Engage with the audience in those groups and offer your services.

Some Facebook group admins don’t allow services promotion. in such communities, you can sell your services if you have solid digital marketing skills and can sell without selling.

Let’s say if we take an example of content writing, you can find both kinds of groups where you can post jobs and pitch your services and the ones which don’t allow direct promotion or client to vendor interaction.

I am getting 20% of my clients from Facebook and that too not by promoting. I simply engage with whatever the topic of discussion is and get approached by multiple clients seeking help.

I do a bit of consultation free of cost and then pitch my services as a solution to their content needs.

You can adopt the same strategy.

Job/Gigs Websites

Along with tons of freelancing platforms (such as freelancer and Upwork etc.), you can explore dozens of gig websites which list under the table jobs online.

A list of such websites is as below:

While you can also research to find a lot more such websites. Once done with listing a good number of websites, you can join these after providing the necessary information to sign up.

Next step is to furnish your profile with relevant expertise and skills to build a good impression in the eyes of your targeted clients.

Wrapping it UP: Conclusion

There are a lot of opportunities with almost no to a certain level of skill set requirement, you can assess yourself and your skill set along with the time you have to dedicate.

Once you’ve made up your mind, you can start with your best suited under the table job which can either be a freelancer or babysitting etc.

You can also look into how much and how quickly you wanna earn cash while deciding what you should do.

At the end, it’s all about you to decide what should be on your list to do. If you can brainstorm to explore more under the table jobs, let us know and we’ll update our list along with your experience of that job.

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